Toilet Replacement & Repair

A malfunctioning toilet can cause frustration and inconvenience, disrupting the daily routine of any household. Handy Ivan offers professional local San Diego toilet replacement and repair to ensure your bathroom facilities run smoothly.

Common Toilet Issues like Toilet Blockage or Toilet Backing Up, and Toilet Leak

Toilet blockage, backing up, and leaking are common issues homeowners face. These problems can be caused by various factors, such as a foreign object blocking the drain, clogs caused by excessive waste buildup, or damaged pipes. Our handyman services have the tools and expertise to assess the issue, identify the root cause, and provide the necessary repairs to get your toilet back in working order. Whether you need a simple unclogging or a more complex repair, we’ve covered you in your local area.

Toilet Handle Repair or Replacement

If your toilet handle is not flushing correctly or has become loose, our team can repair or replace it. A broken toilet handle can cause frustration and inconvenience, and it’s essential to have it fixed as soon as possible to ensure that your toilet is functioning optimally. Our experienced local technicians can diagnose the problem and provide the best possible solution, whether a simple repair or a complete replacement in San Diego.

Toilet Seat Replacement near me

Over time, toilet seats can become cracked, broken, or simply outdated. Our technicians can install a replacement that will meet your aesthetic and functional needs.

Toilet Flange Repair

A toilet flange repair may be necessary to fix issues that lead to leaks, and we’re equipped with the expertise to take on this task. Our team will ensure that your flange repair is completed promptly and professionally, with minimal disruption to your household in San Diego.

Noisy Toilet Repair

A noisy toilet can be disruptive and irritating, mainly if it’s located in a bedroom or other quiet space. Our local handyman in San Diego can diagnose the underlying issue and provide the necessary repair to get your toilet back to operating quietly and efficiently. Whether you need a simple adjustment or a more complex repair, our team has the tools and expertise to do the job in your San Diego local area.

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